Luna & L’altra

“LUNA & L’ALTRA” is a pret a porter shop opened in the center of Rome since the end of the ‘70s. The name”LUNA & L’ALTRA” is a word game based on the mix of meaning of the italian sentence “l’una e l’altra” which literally translated means “the one and the other”, and the italian word for moon which is “luna”. This name bring in itself an idea of contrast. This feature is a value that can be found in many different aspects of the identity of the brand. It shows a sort of double nature, which is the reflection of the people’s personality that are behind the brand. On one side there is the strong presence of black and white; on the other one there is a shocking burst of vivid color.

The place itself shows this idea of contrast; it can be described as a mix between a studio and an art gallery, knowledge from different fields, books and industrial design pieces, and amazing dresses from famous stylist as Issey Miyake, Yoshi Yamamoto and Comme Des Garcons. All those aspects are the reason why customers choose to buy at “LUNA & L’ALTRA” instead of other shops or either on the web. A place to experience the knowledge and the passion of the people inside it and can immerse themselves in the world of fashion.

  • Client: Luna & L’altra
  • Date: March 2013